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Dial direct today for the T Mobile customer service department. The T Mobile contact line is 0844 887 7779 and is for all general inquiries.

If you were to type ‘T mobile contact’ into a search engine, what do you think you may find? Most people when searching T mobile contact will be looking for a direct line number that is no trouble whatsoever. Instead, an abundance of different sites with regard to FAQ’s, blogs, articles and much more can swamp you with information without ever answering you question. Most people just want to know ‘Do you have a T mobile contact number?!’ Our answer of course is ‘Yes’. Each of our tailored and individual posts will ensure that our page is at the top when you are searching for T mobile contact.

Call the T Mobile Contact 0844 887 7779

If you are tight on money, do not worry, as our 0844 lines cost just 5p a minute from a land line. We do not think that for a line to T mobile contact, any calls should be too expensive, especially since there is no operator involved. If you have been on other pages before this, you may notice there are a number of T mobile contact numbers that charge lots of money per call. The fact that you are on this page however shows us that you were not satisfied with the previous sites and were looking for something better. We always oblige to be of service and do not settle for second best. Our service does so well because of our constant aim for improvement and this can only be possible through feedback who have used lines like the T mobile contact number.

Send feedback at the bottom right of the page via the email address or comment box. From calling the T mobile contact number, please be sure to have the bill payers permission and make sure the caller is of at least 18 years of age.

We appreciate your service and come and visit our site again soon.

About T-Mobile:

T-Mobile came under fire during February 2011 for lowering their fair-use capacity limit on Internet usage from 3GB (an industry leader) to 500MB per month. This caused unrest amongst T-Mobile customers who saw it as not only a breach of their contract (and thus would enable them to cancel their contract) but an insult to customers who used their internet a lot. In response, T-Mobile clarified that they would still allow unlimited browsing of static websites, just not download things, stream videos, engage in video chats or any other data-draining activities. Further, they stated that these new rules would only apply to new and upgrading contracts only, and not those who already had cards with the company.

The T-Mobile brand stopped trading in the UK during February of 2015, as the brand was fully folded into EE.

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