Superdrug News Update: Survey Reveals How Much Women Spend on Skincare

Average Woman Spends £18000 on Skincare per annum

Superdrug news update: it has come to light that the average woman spends more than £18000 on skincare products in her lifetime, based on an average 65 years.

Every woman, and her partner, knows how much it costs to keep themselves feeling confident. This can of course span across a whole host of products and activities but one’s skin – particularly their face – is something that is always on display and therefore many women consider needs to be maintained to a high standard. This means we, they, buy into all of the products on offer in stores such as Superdrug and Boots.

It has transpired, through a survey conducted by Superdrug of 2000 women that the average woman, in the average lifetime (64.6 years, from the ages of 18 to 82.6) will spend around £18000 on skincare products. This includes anything from foundation to make-up remover to moisturiser.

When this is broken down it might calm some of those racing hearts that read “£18000” and immediately think of all the other things that money could be spent on; the survey made it clear that the average woman spend £279.41 per year on these products. Of course this is going to vary with regards to each individual’s lifestyle as well as choice of make-up – some foundation costs in excess of £30 per bottle, some less than £5. Either way, when this number is multiplied by the 64.6 years that the average woman lives you get £18049.89.

Superdrug News Update

It becomes slightly more frightening when you break that number back down again and explain that this accounts for an average £9525.91 on make-up and £8523.97 on make-up removal. Now doesn’t that seem a little ridiculous? The truth is, no.

Many people (men, women and children alike) will think of just the beauty aspect of all of this spending and that the skincare is purchased to make these average women look beautiful to others, well what about the confidence element? Of course beauty and confidence are intrinsically linked but the latter often triggers the former so spending this amount of money on securing that is practically invaluable.

Sarah Sharp, Superdrug’s head of cosmetics, fragrance and accessories has expressed similar sentiments explaining that these figures and the survey is not about detailing all the designer creams but about the basics that assist with blemishes, dark circles, general skin problems and cleanliness! Indeed, that £18000 would be higher if the consumer chose branded products – 73% of survey participants said they used own brand products as opposed to designer.

Should you require any more information on Superdrug and the products they offer, follow the link or contact Superdrug customer services.

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