Superdrug News Update: Superdrug Demand Lower VAT on Sun Cream

VAT on children's sun cream

Superdrug news update: Health director for the high street chain has hit out at the Government for not reducing VAT on children’s sun cream; which is 20%.

The popular high street pharmacy has recently made itself heard to the Government on the topic of sun protection for children. They are complaining about the tax levels on the product – which currently sits at 20% – claiming that it should be dropped in light of the target audience.

With statistics on his side, Superdrug’s health director articulated his request with the reference to the, arguably low, VAT on nicotine patches – 5%. He accused the Government of ‘favouring’ one cancer over the other despite skin cancer sufferers increasing at the greatest rate of all the cancers.

He went on to point out that the death toll for skin cancer is greater here than in the hotter climes of Australia and indicated the absurdity behind the high tax and category that sun cream currently falls into. This is despite the sensitivity of our skin when we are under 16 years of age and the extent to which that affects how much damage the sun does. The high street chain have argued that the importance of distinguishing between sun screen sold for children and that for adults is that the former contains the antioxidant radicare.

This is not the first time Superdrug have attempted to get the rulings changed. Gordon Brown and his Government were approached but to no avail but on a more positive note Asda reached out and gained 26 MPs’ votes of support for their request to reduce the VAT on all sun tan lotion products.

The VAT reduction may only make up to 50p difference when it comes to lowering the price of children’s sun cream but given the regularity with which the product needs to be applied in conjunction with the sheer amount that needs applying, the cheaper the necessity can be made the better all round.

The response from the Government in the past has been based around shifting the blame onto the European Union and claiming it is they who decide on the VAT level for items such as sun cream but this argument has not yet reared its head again.

If you are interested in reading more about Superdrug and their products, services and offers visit or alternatively call the Superdrug contact number and speak with a member of the customer services team.

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