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Starbucks Update: As one of the biggest coffee retailers on the high street, Starbucks are dedicated to providing the best quality coffee for all purposes.

Starbucks have been in the headlines a great deal over their time on the high street. The stories have varied from their tax avoidance to their inability to write customers’ names correctly on their respective coffee cups. However, they continue to endorse their company with a basic desire: to share good coffee with friends and make the world better.

The first Starbucks store opened in 1971 in Seattle and the sentiment hasn’t changed over those years. The name, originally given to the first mate of the Perquod in Moby Dick by Hermann Melville, conjures up the images of the old fashioned coffee trade, travelling across the oceans of the world to deliver the precious beans.

Howard Schultz is the chairman, president and CEO of Starbucks and has been dedicated to the company since 1982 when he experienced his first cup of Sumatran coffee. During his travels to Italy and experiencing the pleasure that luxurious coffee and its counterparts could bring he envisioned bringing the Italian coffee house to America. He envisaged a type of sanctuary, a limbo between work and home that allowed people to relax, enjoy good coffee and good conversation.

Schultz attempted to launch his own brand of coffee house and parted ways with Starbucks for a few years but by 1987 he had returned and, with the contributions from investors, purchased the company.
To date, Starbucks is a presence in 50 countries and has over 15000 stores.

Starbucks Update

The Starbucks ‘mission statement’ details their commitment to inspiring and nurturing human nature. They are patient in their campaign however and give the same high level of service to all their customers, in all the neighbourhoods they’re present.

The best coffee roaster and retailer in the world, Starbucks are dedicated to offering the highest quality product possible. They aim to ethically source all of their coffee beans and improve the lives of those who provide the beans.

Those in charge of the company are passionate about their jobs and are committed to offering a high standard of customer service that embraces diversity. This is transferred into the company’s relationship with their customers: every employee is encouraged to be themselves and create a rapport with their customers, whether they’re regulars or one-timers.

The point of this rapport of course though is turn those one-timers into regulars because the establishment is welcoming and they can enjoy the best quality of hot and cold drink available on the high street. Starbucks sees their role in the community as more than a simple coffee provider however and aim to assist in creating bonds between and within communities and neighbourhoods.

For more information on Starbucks and their role, contact the Starbucks customer service department and speak with a member of the team.

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