Starbucks News Update: Expansion and Diversity on the Cards

Starbucks Evolution Teavana

Starbucks news update: Major high street coffee chain Starbucks look to expand beyond the realms of coffee alone with moves towards the whole foods market.

With the high street coffee company having a presence in more than 50 countries, Starbucks have begun making moves with their Evolution brand towards the health foods market. The stores currently stock Kind snack bars and Pepsi’s Naked Juice as the alternative options to coffee but by introducing Evolution snack bars under the brand’s Harvest product line, they will reduce the presence of both of these items in their stores. They aim to have the new snack bars and Evolution Fresh Juices into 8000 stores by the end of 2013 – that’s a little over half their stores.

The coffee chain have been extremely careful to brand these products with constant associations to fruit and nuts so that there is minimal or no connection with processed foods. Along the same lines, they have struck a deal with Whole Foods – a retail giant focussing on non-processed foods – and their stores will stock 12 versions of the Evolution Fresh Juices and three Evolution Harvest snack bars. The placement of these products will also work towards removing the stereotype of processed foods.

Starbucks purchased the Evolution brand in 2011 for $30million and has in just under two years opened up Evolution Juice stores as well as offering the juices in their cafes. In addition to this purchase, in 2012 they purchased Teavana and will ultimately look to operate the stores in the same way they do their coffee houses.
The brand Starbucks have made their name in the Western world certainly and they are most solid on the American market but they are acutely aware of their need to remain current and relevant in order to maintain that presence. This diversity is part of the scheme to do just that. It will however also help its desire to spread itself more internationally and open up stores in more countries.

The acquisition of La Boulange, a bakery company based in San Francisco, will also allow Starbucks to diversify their in-store products. With all of these companies under their seemingly perpetually expanding belt, the Starbucks stores as we know them will soon be stocked full of a variety of all of these products.

With ambitions of not only expanding but doubling their international presence, Starbucks have established relationships with Danone and Green Mountain. These two companies have allowed the coffee chain further opportunity to diversify their products by developing new products that tap into the specialities of both companies.

Contact the Starbucks customer services department for more information on any of the services they offer, or read about the most up to date news stories here

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