Starbucks News Update: Decade Celebrations in Peru and Chile

Starbucks Peru Chile

Starbucks News Update: The high street coffee shop celebrates their tenth anniversaries of operating in Chile and Peru and continue their good work there.

The popular high street coffee shop are, this week, celebrating their ten year anniversaries in countries Peru and Chile. They have been a presence in these countries working with the local people growing the coffee beans that are used in every one of the 15000 stores across the globe.

Spread across Peru and Chile are 100 Starbucks coffee shops, 60 of which are in Peru, that employ around 2000 people and serve of a million each month. The company were welcomed into the country and the relationship has blossomed over the past decade.

The 50th Starbucks store was opened in Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago which has acknowledged the decade of sustained growth. 1000 employees – or partners as they’re known in the business – have worked to make the ‘Starbucks experience’ as they insist on calling it part of their day. Everyday.

The company celebrated their tenth years by opening new stores, having special in-store events including exclusive performances from the Unplugged Music Tour and

From when the company first established themselves in 1971 they have been dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible. They offer customers more than just a cup of coffee each day, they also provide a space between work and home that allows their customers to feel comfortable having an informal business meeting or catching up with friends over a coffee.

As the first countries in South America to welcome the Starbucks franchise, Peru and Chile represent a whole realm of possibilities still waiting to be explored by the company in the southern continent. They are encouraged by the reception already received but they also know there’s more to be done. Expansion is on the cards throughout Chile certainly in 2014.

The coffee farmers in Peru have developed a strong relationship with Starbucks over the years and have been participating in Starbucks’ ethical sourcing program C.A.F.E which ensures farmers are able to gain access to tools, training programs and arguably most importantly funds that allow them to grow their products and their farms. Peru Aladino has been launched in the Starbucks Reserve range of products that are available in-store.

Starbucks are aiming to continue their commitment to the communities in South America as well as the farmers who work so closely with the company – they encourage their employees to put in voluntary hours at the farms. They’ve currently hit 20000 hours in 2013 so far!

If you are interested in finding out any more information about Starbucks and the services they offer, read the most recent news articles on Customer Services Contact. Follow the link to speak with a member of their customer services team

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