Staples News Update: 3D Printing Services

Staples 3D Printing

Staples News Update: Staples have entered the modern age and joined their rival stationery company Office Depot in offering customers 3D printing services.

It took an absolute age for personal computers to enter the mainstream market and those pushing the 3D printing services are taking that as a warning to make an impact early with their services. The office products and stationery suppliers Staples have followed the lead of one of their rival companies, Office Depot, and are introducing 3D printing services to their stores.

Currently, it is predominantly an American-based program with Office Depot were the first to announce that they were to stock 3D printers online from August. They will however be offering some more hands-on experience with their Denver branch where customers can learn the ins and outs of 3D printers and the process. Employees of the Denver store will, for one month, be offering workshops where they demonstrate and teach customers all about 3D printing as well as print sample objects.

George Hill, senior vice president at Office Depot has expressed how the one month trial period as well as the demonstrations will help to clear up any questions that are still lingering around the process of 3D printing. They had a similar project running in Florida and have structured this one in Denver around the customer feedback that they received following that.

Staples News Update

Staples are the first company to launch this service in the UK however and will not be tying themselves into the UK either – this will include Europe so 3D printing is looking very likely to remain a mystery for only a very brief period of time.

In a collaboration with Mcor Technologies – a newly established Irish based, 3D printing company – Staples are remaining online-based for the time being as the system will involve printing the products on paper and then having them chemically treated so that they form the completed item. The reasons behind using paper are two-fold: firstly the most commonly used material for 3D printing is plastic so by using paper the costs are reduced significantly. Secondly, much like with a 2D printer, paper allows for colours to mix and blend and customers can get a more diverse level of printing. When plastic is used for 3D printing the product is limited in its colour choice.

More information on 3D printing, its development and indeed how you can buy into the new service, contact the Staples customer services department or visit

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