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Call the Staples contact number whenever you need to speak with their customer services department about an order you placed or in-store service you received.

Staples are one of the biggest stationery chains in the UK and offer a huge range of products and services from small personal projects to the larger business projects. This means that you may need to call the Staples contact number on 0844 800 3847 to discuss the progress of your order or to enquire about whether the company can meet your requirements.

Staples supply hundreds of customers with a huge variety of products and services and are an international operating company. While they set standards and expect them to be reached regardless of the location of the store or the product being purchased there are times when the company fails to meet these standards and therefore customers feel aggrieved and reach out to the company in order to rectify the problem. This is where the Staples contact number comes in handy – it will connect you straight through to the customer services department and allow you to have your enquiry dealt with by a friendly and helpful employee.

Staples Contact Number 0844 800 3847

Staples strive to make their website as helpful and interactive as possible so that customers can eliminate the need to find the time in their work day to call the Staples contact number and get the answer to whatever enquiry they have whenever they want it. However sometimes the only way to get the answer you need is to speak with a real person as opposed to enter into communication with someone who churns out generic responses without really reading the enquiry. The Staples contact number provided here will connect you straight through to the customer services department so that you can eliminate this irritation.

We are dedicated to becoming the most cost effective direct dial directory enquiries website in the UK and therefore charge all of the calls to the numbers listed at the same basic rate. We base the charges on callers using a BT landline and therefore charge 5p per minute but this rate per minute may increase if the caller uses an alternative landline provider or a mobile phone. Callers must have the bill payer’s permission to use this contact number and be at least 18 years of age.

We are an independent company offering this service and therefore have no affiliation with the company. Calling the Staples contact number will connect you directly to the customer services department with no middle man.

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