SSE News Update: Tiered Tariffs Cut

SSE tiered tariffs being dropped from repertoire

SSE news update: Along with fellow utilities company EDF Energy, SSE have announced that their cheap tariffs will no longer be available to their customers.

SSE and their rival company have taken it upon themselves to contact their existing customers who will be affected by the restructuring of payment plans. They have been informed that they will be transferred onto higher tariffs but it may be that they need to shop around at other companies in order to find the best price for their lifestyles.

The removal of tariffs that favour those who struggle with their energy bills is not exclusive to EDF Energy and SSE, it is an industry wide initiative. The first of these companies currently have 75000 customers on such tariffs but as of September 2013, this will not be the case.

SSE however have a further 100000 customers on top of that 75000 for EDF and they are looking to also remove their tariffs that function in the same way. The tiered tariffs however that SSE offer no more than one unit is charged after a certain amount of energy is used. The changes will leave customers with annual bills of a little over £1200 each.

Regulator company Which? have made it clear that they disapprove of the tiered tariffs offered by companies such as SSE as they feel that they serve no purpose other than obscure the prices. Ofgem want the industry to simplify their tariffs and display their prices in such a way that there cannot be confusion or misleading information.

There are dozens of options for customers to find cheaper deals within the market. Predominantly the best results, in terms of efficiency as well as positive results can be found by using comparison websites. These websites take all of the relevant details and compare them to multiple energy companies’ tariffs and then compile all of the results for you.

Regulator company Ofgem are demanding a simplification of prices in the form of single unit prices. This would allow customers to quickly and easily understand the charges that lay ahead of them so they can make an informed decision regarding their energy bills.

For more information on SSE, their tariffs and all enquiries, contact their customer services department. The information for which is available at the following link If you are interested in reading more about their most recent news stories, click here.

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