SSE News Update: SSE Top The NCSI Rankings


SSE news update: In joint first place with EDF Energy, SSE have topped the rankings for customer satisfaction following a survey carried out by the NCSI.

The NCSI, National Customer Satisfaction Index is an independent company who carried out a survey taking into account all of the factors that customers look for in an energy company – quality, service, value, the way complaints are dealt with and the extent of customer loyalty. The results are totalled and the scores marked out of 100.

Last year, SSE scored 73 and while they have remained at the head of the table this year their overall score has dropped to 71. This has been matched by rival energy company EDF who have increased their score by an impressive 9%.

Essentially the way EDF Energy managed this was to acknowledge the ways their service the year before had fallen short of the expected level and then move to reinforce their tactics and push for an all-round greater level of customer service.

SSE News Update

One of the major responses they got during the feedback was that they needed to improve on the amount of phone calls and email enquiries they responded to. Customers expect a response when they contact a company and getting the responses out has been known to put great strain on companies. This has been countered by the addition of information pages on their respective websites, a great cost and time saving idea but it should not have provided a way for the company to avoid traditional over-the-phone customer service.

This is one thing that SSE have managed to maintain over the years, hence their place at the top of the rankings list and indeed their presence there for several years. There have been noises made on behalf of both of these companies to make a move towards offering a form of 24 hour service – meaning customers can obtain access to their account and view the relevant details whenever it is most convenient to them.

As with so many companies these days part of the service offered does include a live-chat system where customer can enter into instant messaging conversations with the respective company without having to incur potentially high cost phone bills.

Since they are so exceptional with customer service you might find yourself interested in speaking with the customer services department at SSE. If you are, follow this link and contact them directly The phone lines are populated by friendly and helpful employees who are willing to assist with any enquiry.

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