SSE News Update: Cold-Calling Stopped

Put a stop to cold calling by energy suppliers

SSE news update: SSE have put a stop to the cold-calling sales calls they were fined £10.5m at the beginning of this year for using to mis-sell to customers.

The company, one of the UK’s six main energy suppliers, have reached an agreement wherein they only contact customers, by phone, who have either signified that they are interested in receiving calls from SSE or who are already customers. SSE are the first energy supply company to put a stop to this procedure, following their decision to stop knocking on people’s doors for sales purposes.

SSE were fined £10.5 million in April 2013 because regulator company Ofgem deemed the amount of sales conducted over the telephone, in-store and on the doorstep, to be excessive. This was one of the largest fines of its type.

The dislike for receiving calls from companies that customers have no current or potential relationship with has been acknowledged by the managing director of SSE. He has claimed that while other companies may feel comfortable cold-calling people, he does not consider SSE to be the sort of company who is willing to participate in such activities. He has reiterated their commitment to exceptional customer service too, just to remind their current customers that they will not experience a lapse in service.

The move to stop cold-calling will see approximately 100 staff that make the phone calls from call centres in Thatcham, Berkshire and St Mellons, Cardiff who will no longer have that role to perform but SSE have said that their plan would be to restructure the business so that they are still employed by the company.

While this is not necessarily good news for these employees, research showed that of the 9.5 million customers that SSE have, only 4% of their sales have come from the calls made during cold-calling.

There have been calls, in light of research conducted by Which? consumer group, for the Government to step in a put a stop to the cold-calling system. The research showed that 80% of households have received calls that they were not interested in receiving and that this is considered a hassle.

For more information on SSE and the products and services offered by them, contact their customer services department directly via the following link You can also visit to read about the company. One thing’s for sure, once they put a stop to their cold-calling the ball will most definitely be in the customer’s court when it comes to speaking with SSE over the phone!

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