Southern Water News Update: £300 Million Project Given Go-Ahead

Southern Water Cleaner Seas for Sussex

Southern Water news update: since being proposed a little under 30 years ago, Southern Water’s project has finally been approved and construction will begin.

In the 80s it came to light that Southern Water wanted to establish a project along the south coast of England wherein they could treat the water wasted from the surrounding towns to the standards set by the EU. When it was first brought to the attention of the communities it would affect, it was rejected. As was pointed out by Southern Water’s director of communications, Geoff Loader, getting these things off the ground without the support of the community is incredibly difficult.

The scheme is predicted to cost £300 million and four years of construction – that’s all after the 12 years of planning time. It is such a large project because of the number of different areas that are being constructed to make the one system. There will be: 11km of new sewerage tunnels, two new pumping stations, a wastewater treatment works and 2.5km of sea outfall pipes at Peacehaven.

As well as all of this the numbers that have been churned out include how one million cubic metres of earth has been moved and reused in the project in order to maintain the environmental factors that is driving the project in the first place.

Between the local towns, including but not limited to Peacehaven, Brighton and Hove, Telscombe Hills, Rottingdean and Ovingdean, there is 95 million litres of water that needs treating. This means there is huge number of people affected by the scheme so getting them on board was important. As well as ensuring the project is built to a size that can handle all that is demanded of it, Southern Water have also made sure there is minimal aesthetic damage done to the environment. The roof, entirely green, measures the size of three football pitches! Which makes it the largest in Europe.

Southern Water News Update

The project is part of the larger scheme entitled “Southern Water’s Cleaner Seas for Sussex” which does what it says on the tin – it aims to improve the general standard of water that flows through and services the southern coast. They are committed to keeping the community informed and this newest plant has been open for some tours so that everyone knows what is happening – one visitor was Simon Kirby a local MP and his response was to describe it as a feat of engineering. High praise indeed.

Contact Southern Water and speak with their customer services team about anything regarding the services they offer.

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