Southern Electric News Update: Power Cuts Damage Businesses

Southern Electric Power Cut Marlow

Southern Electric news update: A Buckinghamshire town was left in the dark and out of pocket as power cuts forced Marlow’s town centre businesses to close.

It was reported that the lack of power, supplied by Southern Electric, forced the closure of several businesses across Marlow. Two of these businesses were Francesco’s Italian restaurant and O’Donoghues pub; when it comes to food hygiene the rules are clear and must be followed to the letter in order for companies to continue to operate.

The Group Area Head Chef of Francesco’s restaurant was forced to close for a whole day and have expressed their frustration at the repetitive nature of this problem as well as their concerns over business. Their reputation is in jeopardy but the ability to rectify the problem is out of their hands.

The owner of O’Donoghues pub has taken the opposite tack that this problem is something just comes as part and parcel of owning a business and there is nothing that can be done they just have to ride out the problems. The pub usually opens at 4pm but was unable to given the role of electricity and the safety implications that it has.

His beer stocks did remain undamaged although there would have been a risk of loss had the power cut lasted longer because the beer has to be kept at a certain temperature to remain healthy for consumption.

Southern Electric News Update

Southern Electric have apologised for the power cuts that left 61 customers across four streets in particular lacking in electricity but since the problems have been continuing sporadically over a four year period, the customers’ patience is dropping.

The owner of O’Donoghues also praised the performances of the Southern Electric engineers who made a concerted effort to research the area and the potential problems that could be resolved and return electricity to the companies. The Head Chef of Francesco’s agree with these sentiments.

Southern Electric admitted that the problem was fixed but very gradually, most customers had their power restored to them by 8:30pm, ten hours after it initially went off. They have confirmed that their engineers are working on locating the fault and will endeavour to fix it as efficiently as they possibly can.

If you are interested in discussing the products and services Southern Electric offer, contact their customer services department and speak with a member of their team. Whatever reason you have to use the Southern Electric contact number, you will be greeted by a friendly and helpful employee who will do whatever they can to answer your enquiry.

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