Southern Electric News Update: Community at Heart Scheme Takes Off

Southern Electric and Wolf Conservation Trust

Southern Electric news update: As part of their Community at Heart scheme, 19 employees left the office for a day and helped at the Wolf Conservation Trust.

The utilities supply company Southern Electric are dedicated to offering the best possible service to their customers and they have created a scheme wherein their employees are permitted one day each year to work voluntarily for a charity. This gets the employees’ faces out into the community and encourages people to use their company for their utility supply service because members of the public know of the company. It will most likely also encourage a relationship to develop between the community and the company.

This week it was 19 employees from the Chailey Court and Edison House offices based on the Winchester Road in Basingstoke who took time out of their work schedule to help out at the Wolf Conservation Trust.

In order to improve the experiences of both the wolves and the visitors to the conservation centre the team helped with the construction of a new bridge and pond as well as helping with general maintenance such as painting fences and benches and picnic tables. The whole experience is designed to be wholesome for both the visitors and the wolves who reside in the conservation centre so anything that can be done to improve that experience has to be a bonus, particularly when the volunteers are from a local business.

Southern Electric News Update

The Wolf Conservation Trust is a very popular venue for the employees to visit on their one day per year. Those who have been this year and in previous years have expressed the gratifying feeling that comes part and parcel of helping at the conservation centre. Not only does the initiative get the company a name in the community but it also encourages team work and bonding amongst the employees.

This is important for companies as a whole so essentially what Southern Electric are doing with their Community at Heart scheme is assure themselves of killing two birds with one stone. With 62 employees opting to help out at the conservation centre that sense of teamwork they’ve been seeking must be rife in Basingstoke’s offices.

If you are interested in learning more about the products and services offered by Southern Electric, speak with a member of their customer services department or visit their website and read up on their most recent business movements as well as their social sphere.

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