Southern Electric News Update: Charity Workers From Chichester

Southern Electric Charity Workers at Foodbank

Southern Electric news update: the utility supply company’s staff have set the standard by pulling together as a team and helping those on the breadline.

Charity work is a big deal in the world of business, as it moves to dominate the world and the pressure on these businesses to reach out to those who are more in need of assistance. This ranges from those member of the public who need help getting into the working world as well as those who are living on the breadline.

Southern Electric have had a charity work scheme ticking over for several years and allows, nay encourages, their staff to take one day a year away from the monotony of daily life in an office in order to help out at charities who work within their local communities. Being able to lend a hand in the community they work in allows them to give back a little, but it also means they are well-known to everyone in the community and develop that relationship.

Southern Electric News Update

One set of workers from the utility supply company Southern Electric have put themselves at the forefront of charity work and a team from the Penner’s Road offices spent a day away from the office to help the hungry population of Chichester. They went down to the Trussell Trust foodbank and helped to sort 1.5 tonnes of food.

The foodbank bosses, David Jones and Keith Selby, set them the challenge explaining that this was the food donated to the charity by members of the public. The team of ten spent the day going through the boxes of food, weighing produce, organising them by date order and then transporting the boxes through to the warehouse.

Selby and Jones sang the praises of the team of ten from Southern Electric as they impressed the bosses with their teamwork. The praise went both way though as the team relayed the enjoyment and invaluable experience they obtained working at that side of the charity. They have reinforced the fact that the company receives no funding and is run entirely by volunteers – this means they reach out to every corner of the world and refuses to judge.

For more information on Southern Electric, the charity work that your local branch have done or simply to talk about their first calling – utility supplies – contact their customer services department directly. All relevant contact information can be found here: All the latest news articles pertaining to Southern Electric can be found here:

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