Sony News Update: Sony PS4 Launch Costs

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Sony news update: Rival games console companies Sony and Microsoft break it down to the technology when it comes to how much the console costs the customer.

Much like the Xbox Kinect, the Sony Playstation 4 was built with the “Eye” – an addition to the games console that allows players to interact with the games on a different level. Microsoft’s Xbox One has been released at $500 while the Playstation 4 cashs in on being $100 less than that, because they have removed this ingenious little piece of technology.

It is a voice-sensing, motion-noticing gadget that allows the player to interact with the game but with the Xbox One being such a fierce rival the company have clearly opted to reduce the basic cost of their device – in bundle format – in exchange for offering a console that delivers everything necessary for all the most popular games and add the “Eye” in at a later date.

The negative however here is that the console, the Sony Playstation 4 that is, while being sold at $400 is retailing at a loss to the company – a brutally obvious indication that they are threatened by the Microsoft equivalent. Sony could not afford to retail the console at this price with the “Eye” included in the bundle, they would make too much of a loss.

Sony’s president has explained that he is unconcerned about the omission of the “Eye” from the Playstation 4. Andrew House goes on to discuss the level of interaction expected by the customer and that does not extend to demand that they are able to interact in such a physical way with the games. Research has been conducted and the conclusions reached dictate that the customers simply want a full controller interface, they are not necessarily demanding that they be able to use a camera as well.

Sony News Update

There are indications that Sony are dedicated to offering the camera at a later date as they have included a demo of The Playroom which is a game that utilises the “Eye” and it’s technology. Microsoft have admittedly taken a more all-inclusive approach to their product and opted to increase the start off price in favour of this. Which is the superior is yet to be decided – and that is an optimistic sentence suggesting that it will be decided at some point in the future but for the time being, more information on Sony and their products, including the PS4 is available via the following link

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