Sky News Update: Partnership With The Football League

Sky Sports Partnership Extended

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: Partnership withThe Football League extended until 2018 with sponsorship from Sky Bet that will lead to a change in competition names.

Sky Sports have had an ongoing partnership with The Football League for the past three years. However, they have just extended this to another three year agreement in which Sky Sports have the broadcasting rights of The Football League. The agreement will begin in 2015/2016 and will give consumers the opportunity to watch more live matches that were not previously shown on television. Other aspects of the partnership include giving their consumers the chance to enter competitions and win tickets to Football League games, as well as discounts and promotional offers.

In another deal, Sky Bet is now the official title sponsor of The Football League, a great marketing and promotional opportunity for them. Currently, they are one of the largest growing online bookmakers and aim to change the way people watch and experience football matches. Originally, viewers would have had to go to a betting shop and keep track of football scores. With Sky Bet, all bets are made online and users can keep up to date with live scores and they are also notified if they win. The online betting website also is a place where all football fans can take part and not just single team supporters. Not only does it allows consumers to place bets of football matches, but also any other sporting matches that Sky Sports show, such as cricket, golf and rugby.

Due to the partnership, The Football League’s main competition will be called the Sky Bet Football League, with it’s sub-divisions being known as Sky Bet League One and Two, as well as The Sky Bet Championship.

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The company were able to gain the partnership due to their strong reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy system and brand. With an easy to use mobile application, fans can place their bets quickly and conveniently.

Many fans and Sky Sports consumers are very excited about the new access they will be receiving. Not only will they be seeing hundreds of more live matches, but also the highlights of premier league games that can all be viewed via television, on mobile phones, online with broadband internet access and video-on demand with the use of a Sky box.

Not only will this partnership be beneficial to consumers and Sky Bet, but also to the Sky company as a whole. They are demonstrating their commitment to football and finding new ways to reach out and connect to football fans and their consumers.

For more information about Sky and the products and packages they have on offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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