Sky News Update: Misleading Celebrity Advert Banned

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: The broadcasting giant has had it’s most recent television advert banned due to complaints that it is misleading to the customer.
The advert featured actor Bruce Willis, an aspect that the company thought would really make their advert stand out and encourage viewers to sign up to the service. It consisted of Willis stating that customers can sign up and have unlimited broadband for as little as just over seven pounds per month. They also mention that this price is significantly lower their rivals, British Telecom.

However, the small on-screen text did explain the whole scenario of the offer. Which is in order to get the low price of unlimited broadband, the customer must also pay for Sky Talk and line rental, which itself comes to approximately fifteen pounds per month.

This is therefore the reason why viewers have complained about the advert, as unless one reads the nearly unreadable small font at the bottom of the screen, people may sign up not knowing that they will be bound into a contract that requires them to pay for extras, such as line rental.

Updates on Sky

However, in response to the negative points and complaints about the advertisement, the company have stated that all the relevant and required information was given on screen in the form of text. They say that they have not meant to mislead anybody as they truly respect and value their customers. On the other hand, advertising standards state that small-print text is not a suitable way to communicate such an important part of the offer to the viewers, and a voice over would have been more appropriate. For this reason, the advert was banned and is not allowed to be shown again, unless it is altered to fit in with the advertising standards.

Some organisations are saying that this advert was unfair to consumers, who are finding it hard to compare prices of different companies, due to the extremely competitive market, and therefore the broadcasting and broadband company were not making this easier and helping their customers.

If you are a Sky customer that would like to make an enquiry about the advert discussed or have an issue with your current tariff then you can ring their customer contact number, where you will be put through to their customer services department. Alternatively, you can visit their official website for new products, offers and services.

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