Sky News Update: Be Unlimited Switch Customers To Sky

Sky News Update: This article looks into the transition of customers between Be Unlimited and Sky. There are some concerns that the customer service may not be as good and the transition may not be smooth.

Customers Switched to Sky

Trouble arises as existing customers of Be Unlimited are being switched to the UK communication super giant; Sky.
One of the UK’s largest service providers Be Unlimited are moving existing customers to the Sky network within the next year.
Previously, Telefonica stated it had sold both its Be Unlimited and O2 broadband customers to Sky. This unsurprisingly enraged many of Be Unlimited customers as they have been transferred onto the Sky network without consent. Many customers were worried that this may have an impact on the quality of their service and so the MD of Be Unlimited, Chris Stening, issued a letter assuring no interference will be made during the switch over.
The transfer is not to take place until later this year and it has been confirmed that plenty of notice will be given beforehand. Stening said they are working closely with Sky to ensure a smooth transition and that measures will be taken to ensure people can enjoy a fast transfer, problem free.
Be Unlimited has been acclaimed as one of the UK’s best service providers for the way in which it deals with its customers. The reliability of the service and customer support is stated as ‘second to none’ by one user and says when you call up that you speak to ‘agents who actually know what they are talking about.’
In future, these calls will be transferred to the Sky customer services department which, in their defence, has scored high on Ofcom’s quarterly complaint report. This result scored them higher than O2 and Virgin Media, two of their main competitors. The customer service number can be found at
Be Unlimited have already lost many customers due to recent changes in their structure. The future of these customers is unclear, if Sky are to manage these customers they will have to exceed in every which way possible.
The key to a successful company thriving on longevity is by putting the customer first. If Sky are to manage this transition smoothly, a great level of transparency is required. Be Unlimited as a brand had a reputation for excellent customer service and this spread through Word of Mouth with referrals. Be Unlimited customers will expect the worst from Sky which will play into Sky’s hands. By exceeding their low expectations, Sky may have a change to win over the transferred customers and convert new loyalists. Their existing track record is a positive one and aiming to maintain this will be in Sky’s best interest.

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