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Sky Customer Services

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The Sky customer service line will put you directly with Sky’s help center. The 0844 846 7844 number is used for all things Sky. Call today for support!

The line is a connection direct to the Sky customer service center. This is a fast and efficient way to call quickly without hassle and at a low cost per minute. There is a small connection fee set by your provider and from then on, every minute will cost just 5p. If you decide to call from a mobile or alternate device other than a BT land line, the call cost may vary. Get in touch with your service provider for costs before calling Sky customer service if you are unsure of additional mobile costs.

All calls to Sky customer service are available 24 hours a day. They are also open 7 days a week which is easy and accessible for people who work the hours when most departments are open. The line w provide for Sky customer service is 0844 846 7844 which is an easy number to remember. We recommend that you store this in your phone as it is always handy to be able to call without having to search.

How do I get the Customer Care line for Sky?

We make the Sky customer service number easily accessible so you do not have to spend hours looking through the internet for a number which should be easy to find. The low cost rate of 5p a minute is the same as Sky’s number for the Sky customer service department. We believe calls to UK companies should not cost the earth and be readily available for their customers. This is why we have done the hard work by finding the number to then advertise it through search engines and natural ranking with our dedicated sites. Showing the number makes it much easier for people to call Sky customer service.

Please make sure before you call that you are happy with the rates we have stated. If you are not the bill payer, please ask the bill payer for permission before you call. We are not associated with Sky customer service, we only offer a number that to increase the convenience of consumers who want to get in touch with them by phone.

We greatly appreciate you using our service and please do visit us again. We continue to improve our service and in doing so, welcome comments on how to improve.

Please save the Sky customer service number on your phone for next time, if not, you know where to find us.

For more information, visit the official page at

Thank you.

More about Sky Go:

A useful service for millions of people across the UK, Sky Go has become the perfect companion for those last night TV sessions or those endless commutes too and from work. But how did the service get started? Read on to find out.

Sky Go’s history is nothing if not confusing. It’s undergone no more than four rebrands over the last 8 years and its functions and services have changed often. The service began live as Sky By Broadband, an early effort to broadcast Sky’s TV output through broadband, and was accessed through a plugin for Windows Media Player. It was a limited effort, but it proved to Sky that the concept was workable. In 2006 Sky saw fit to rebrand the effort as Sky Anytime on PC, moving it in line with the new Anytime service on their Sky Boxes. Once again unsatisfied, in May 2008 Sky Anytime on PC was rebranded as Sky Player and could now broadcast Sky News and Sky Sports at the same time as they were on TV.

October 2009 saw the service move on to the Xbox 360, with such demand that Sky had to scale back the service and release it slowly to customers. Expansion continues across selected devices before, in 2011, being rebranded as Sky Go and becoming the service that we know and love today.

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