Sheilas’ Wheels: Winter Driving Advice Handed Out

Car insurance sheilas wheels winter driving

Sheilas’ Wheels news update: all insurance companies are planning ahead for the winter months and advising their drivers how to deal with weather conditions.

There are lots of elements of winter driving that should be taken into account before anyone gets behind the wheel of a car during the winter months. Sheilas’ Wheels are one of the leading insurance companies operating throughout the UK and will be issuing this advice to their customers in light of the coming season.

The tips that they issue can be broken down into a set of eight points that should be followed by drivers.

• Plan ahead – always think about the journey that you are expecting to take and if it’s an unknown route and can be worthwhile checking the risks of the road – perhaps there is a river that poses the threat of flooding – as well as looking at alternative routes that you could take if you find yourself facing delays.

• Pack an emergency kit – this is important in terms of the contents. It might prove unnecessary but having a bag in the boot of the car that has warm clothing (jumpers, thick socks, sturdy boots, a blanket) could prove to be very useful should you have to leave your car anywhere. It is also arguably worth having a torch, a bottle of water, something like an energy bar and a high visibility jacket. Anything else that could potentially be needed is worth having in there as well, perhaps there is a personal medical condition that should be accounted for. It is important to be prepared, over-prepared is always better than under and so anything that could possibly be useful, should be thrown in.

• Adjust your attitude – driving in winter is quite a different experience and it is important to acknowledge this. There could be different obstacles on the road and it can be as simple as visibility is poorer and therefore the journey takes longer. The absolute last thing insurance companies like Sheilas’ Wheels advise is rushing. It should also be noted that journeys take longer, there is a greater need to be cautious. This does not mean driving slower necessarily but it means allowing more time and being more aware of the driving conditions and risks.

• Tyre condition – this is the more technical bit. To make sure you are as safe as you can be, make sure you tyres abide by the road laws. This means making sure they are inflated to their specified level (all information can be found on your car, usually in the driver’s door) and making sure the tread on them is legal. Brand new tyres have a depth of 8mm, they are considered illegal at 1.6mm but by the time they reach the 3mm point it is advised you think about changing them.

• Test the electrics – things like headlights can go at any time and in the winter, although the days are shorter so the likelihood of you driving in the dark is higher, there is also reduced visibility which can mean that the importance lies in allowing other cars to see you as opposed to seeing where you are going.

• Windscreen safety – it is important to make sure that your windscreen wipers work in the most efficient way. If your windscreen is not clear, you run the risk of not maximising on what visibility there is. Along the same vein, insurance companies such as Sheilas’ Wheels constantly enforce the point that the people should check their screenwash is not only filled up but also has antifreeze liquid in it.

• Exterior of the car – while the windows are a top priority for clearing the exterior of the car is important for visibility purposes. Snow for example that rests on the roof of cars can move during transit and this can mean either your own car or the car following you may encounter problems.

For more information, contact the Sheilas’ Wheels customer services team using the following link

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