Severn Trent News Update: Tours of Sewers Offered

Severn Trent Welshpool

Severn Trent news update: Tours have been offered to customers so they can have an insight into the workings of the sewage systems they use on a daily basis.

Since January, massive improvements have been carried out on the sewage works run by Severn Trent and now customers and visitors have the option of going for a tour of the sewage works to see how they work and how they’ve been improved. The improvements have cost the company £3.25 million so that the network runs to the highest possible standard.

“Allister Jones, area sewage treatment manager at Severn Trent Water, said: “Every day we flush away our waste water but very few people know what happens after it leaves their homes.

“For those of us who are inquisitive we held an exhibition and opened the doors of Welshpool sewage treatment works for an optional tour.”

The Welshpool facility treats sewage for the town to prevent waste entering water supplies and to keep clean water flowing to Welshpool residents.

Mr Jones said £3.25 million is being spent improving the treatment works by installing new equipment to help to treat the waste water and protect the local waterways.

Sarah O’Kane, spokeswoman at Severn Trent Water, said: “We wanted to give people an idea of how the treatment process works. People wouldn’t think about it at all, but it’s actually really interesting and right on your doorstep.
“You can see the work we’re doing to improve the water network, and for us it’s an opportunity to talk to our customers.”

Criticism was levelled at Severn Trent last month, after a burst water main left Welshpool’s Victoria Memorial Hospital without water for the third time this year.

Welshpool councillors demanded an investigation, and the company said it was installing a system, due to come into place on Monday to prevent the hospital losing its supply again.

Further major work to install new water pipes for Welshpool is scheduled to be finished before April 2014.”

Improvements have to be carried out on water networks all the time, especially now that the world is expanding and the number of households using the networks is growing so these improvements are necessary. The added touch of allowing their customers to see what has been done simply means Severn Trent keep their customers in the loop.

If you are interested in any of the services offered by Severn Trent, contact their customer services department and discuss the options that lay before you.

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