Severn Trent News Update: Flood Advice for Bassetlaw

Flood Advice Severn Trent

Severn Trent news update: in light of the weather forecasts for autumn of 2013, Severn Trent have listed some basic advice for potential flood victims.

The weather is promising to batter the UK significantly over the coming weeks and in light of this several companies have made the effort to supply their customers with some basic advice to follow if they find themselves in the situation of a flood.

Severn Trent have aimed their advice specifically at the Bassetlaw district of the Midlands as they are likely to get some torrential wind and rain over the coming few days.

Essentially it is safe to say that a lot of common sense has been called upon by Chris Giles Severn Trent’s waste water manager. He has implored people to think carefully about where the source of your flood has originated from before you call the Severn Trent emergency line. They take a large volume of calls – much larger than normal – when there is severe weather around and therefore the request is simply to be sure of the state of your emergency before you call.

Severn Trent News Update

What they mean by this is that if the water causing the flood you are experiencing is originating from the rain pouring down outside then you should just have to wait for the rain to stop and you will see a notable improvement in the situation. However it can take up to four hours for the water to subside completely which means patience is the key here.

If however you establish that the water is originating from the sewer system and there is sewage flooding your home, this is a high priority for Severn Trent and therefore calling their emergency number is a must. They will despatch a team out to deal with the problem immediately as this is the purpose of the emergency number and while the sewers are experiencing a higher volume of water to usual, they should not flood sewage.

Severn Water are preparing in advance of the storms but there is no guarantee when it comes to the weather so they have to prioritise and organise on the day, on the spur of the moment. This also demands lots of patience and understanding from the customer. Severn Trent endeavour to have enough staff to cover all likelihoods but there will always a limit to that number and therefore if they are busy, there may be problems.

Further information on flood advice as well as the contact information for Severn Trent can be found by clicking on the following link

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