Scottish Water News Update: Sewer Blockages Prove A Problem

scottish water blocakges

Scottish Water news update: Residents have been asked to keep an eye on what’s disappearing down their drains in an attempt to reduce blockages in the sewers.

“HOUSEHOLDERS in Caithness are being asked to watch what they are pouring down the sink as Scottish Water aims to reduce sewer blockages in the far north.

A national awareness campaign has been launched to highlight the costly impact of what people put down their sinks and toilets, by promoting how to dispose of fats and bathroom waste.

Nationally, Scottish Water spends £7 million a year clearing around 45,000 blockages from the sewer network, and 80% are caused by household waste that should go in the bin.

Director of communications Chris Wallace said: “We are committed to reducing the impact of sewer blockages which can cause misery and flooding for our customers in Caithness.

“Sewer blockages have a major cost and labour impact on our business.

“Around 80% of sewer chokes are avoidable as they are caused by items such as wipes, nappies, sanitary items and foreign objects such as cotton buds.

“Fats, oils and grease also contribute in a large way towards these blockages.”

The message for customers is to bag it and bin it with sanitary items and, for fats, oils and grease, they should be left to cool and either placed in a suitable container and then put in the bin or, ideally, be recycled.”

Blockages can cause a major problem for the general public but it goes unnoticed because the general public don’t have to see it or hear about it. It’s a classic case of out of sight; out of mind. The biggest problem is that the more blockages there are, the more man power is needed to clear the blockages and that increases the expenditure of the company. Everyone knows what that last bit means – there will be price hikes.

Companies strive to offer the best prices to their customers that they can and unfortunately if they have to employ more people to keep the standard of cleanliness and functionality up at the highest point that means the customers’ bills have to increase as well. Therefore the advice provided here in an article that was originally published on should be followed in order to prevent this sort of consequence from transpiring.

Scottish Water are available to be contacted whenever it is most convenient for you so call the number listed on this website and you will be able to speak with a member of the Scottish Water customer service department.

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