Scottish Water News Update: Scottish Water Launches Campaign

new scottish water campaign

Scottish Water News Update: Scottish Water launches campaign. Scotland’s water supplier concentrates on what we flush down the loo and wash down the sink.

The campaign launched by the water supplier is aimed at highlighting what Scots are flushing down the loo and washing down the skin and the impact that careless waste disposal is making on the environment. The water company has launched a TV advertising campaign to educate their customers on how to dispose of waste in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Scottish Water spends around seven million pounds each year dealing with blockages that occur in the sewer network. The vast majority of these blockages are caused by household waste being carelessly disposed of. Things like oil, grease and fats and bathroom waste in the form of such things as baby wipes and other similar products contribute to the incidence of blocked sewers. This in turn is a major contributor to environmental pollution and flooding as well as causing unpleasant odours. The result of blockages can cause a great deal of inconvenience and misery to house holds unlucky enough to be affected by the consequences.

Scottish Water News Update

A Scottish Water customer who has had direct experience of such an event is teacher Craig Hutchison. He commented that the campaign to educate people on the consequences of irresponsible waste disposal was a good move. He told of how his allotment was flooded by a sewer blockage. He warned that just because something disappears from view after it is flushed does not mean that is the end of the story.

Along with the advert Scottish Water will be offering a web site for those who want more information about the correct way to dispose of waste. Scottish Water was very keen to say that their aim was to work with their customers to ensure that the message of how to dispose of things that were likely to block sewers was received and understood.

The cost in money and in labour of sewer blockages is rising as items like nappies, sanitary items and foreign objects find their way into the sewer system and lead to blockages. In the kitchen the worst offenders such as fats, greasy residue and oil are poured down the sink and go on to contribute to the instance of blockages. Scottish Water will, for the first time, be talking direct to their customers in every home in Scotland through the TV and radio campaign that they have launched.

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