Scottish Water News Update: Advice For The Winter Months

Scottish Water Winter Advice

Scottish Water news update: warnings have been issued across Scotland and the UK by utility companies as they urge home and business owners to be prepared.

Winter can be difficult for a host of reasons but for companies such as Scottish Water, the top priority is protecting homes and businesses from flooding. This can occur for a number of reasons, admittedly natural causes when the UK experiences a heavy rainfall cannot be helped in many ways but their advice focusses around the more common problems encountered during the winter months.

There are a number of things that can be done to prevent pipes from suffering during the colder months so Scottish Water have issued a series of points which they advise their customers to read, take on board and act on. With the previous couple of winters proving to be rather testing with regards to the weather it is a distinct possibility that this winter will be the same. The most important piece of advice offered by Scottish Water is to remember that often it is not the cold months that are the problem, it is the weeks immediately after that as the weather warms again.

These effects can cause pipes to crack and burst under the pressure of a temperature change – materials expand and shrink in response to the weather conditions and this is when the problems can occur.

Scottish Water News Update

There is nothing likely to put anyone in a worse mood on a cold winter’s day than coming home or into work to find everything ankle deep in freezing cold water. This can be prevented through simple actions such as being prepared – if you are leaving the house or business for a period of time leave the heating on constantly at a low heat, ask someone to check in on the establishment occasionally to make sure if the worst has happened, the damage is sorted as soon as possible.

If the building is going to be completely empty for a longer period of time – all of the winter months for example – turn the water supply off completely and drain the system. The correct procedure for this can be confirmed by a qualified plumber.

Finally make sure all the relevant information is stored somewhere easily accessible and unlikely to be affected should the worst happen. This is things such as your insurance documents, the contact information for both a licensed plumber as well as your water supply company – Scottish Water for instance.

All of the contact information for Scottish Water can be found via the following link or the Scottish Water website.

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