Scottish Power News Update: Government Blamed for High Costs

Scottish Power's Rising Prices Due To Costs

Scottish Power News Update

Scottish Power News Update: Scottish Power blame the government for their increasing costs that are resulting in their consumers’ rising energy bills.

The customers of Scottish Power have seen a rise in their energy bills recently, which has sparked many complaints and media surrounding the company. Consequently there has been discussions and disagreements between the energy provider and the government, as Scottish Power blame the high and continuously increasing costs of the implemented energy efficiency schemes.

The government have put in place ‘Green Schemes’ and energy efficiency and saving schemes to create a more sustainable world. It is thought that if household use less energy, not only will their energy bills decrease, but the planet will also be a  better place for the future. However, Scottish Power are saying that these scheme are just too expensive. The high costs of them to the energy suppliers means that they have to increase their prices for households. These costs include, carbon tax, wind farms, new installations for households to name a few.

The government argue that the schemes should not make a difference to costs and requires only fifty pounds being spent per household. However, Scottish Power have said that the scheme is badly thought out and the costs for energy suppliers has not been forecasted properly.

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Part of the scheme include companies encouraging and selling installation to their consumers. However, Scottish Power have said identifying and contacting the houses allegeable for this is time consuming and costly in itself. It is also hard to get people to sign up for these improvements when they have to pay for them themselves. The government are therefore trying to encourage people to take out loans to pay for the improvements, but so far under forty households out of the predicted three million have signed up. Energy supplier also have a minimum number of households they need to sell the installation to, otherwise they receive fines, which again adds to their costs that are making customers’ bills increase.

However, the government have suggested that companies within the power industry are just thinking of ways to increase their prices in attempt to make more money. Although Scottish Power have denied this, they are one of the power suppliers who has made a reasonable profit over the time frame discussed.

If you are a Scottish Power customer who is experiencing a rise in your energy bills or if you want more information then you can call their customer services department by clicking here or your can visit the Scottish Power official website.

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