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Samsung Update

Samsung have now officially announced the new series of Samsung SSD’s. Its official name is the Samsung 840 Evo. This series of SSD cards will provide you with one full terabyte of storage space for around 50 pence per GB. It is the first customer-class SATA SSD with a 1 TB capacity, which happens to be a small case of one-upmanship over their rivals crucial. Crucial provide a very similar product called the M500 however it only has 960 GB of storage available for use. To accompany this new Evo 840 Samsung are releasing a Evo 840 range. This range is a replacement for the normal Samsung 840 line up, this new range comes in five different capacities. These are 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and the brand new 1TB SSD’s. All of which come in the 7mm high 2.5inch format. Despite the fact the drives are small and some have incredible amounts of storage space the Samsung Evo range is incredibly fast.


Samsung 840 Evo

The read speeds of the new series of Evo are up at a superb 540MBps the write speeds as well have also been ups from 330Mbps to 520Mbps allowing for a extremely fast piece of technology. Random 4KB read speeds have also improves staggeringly from 7,900 IOPS to 10,000 IOPS. The drives utilise Samsung’s own 10nm 3-bit MLC NAND as well as its new MEX controller. The MLC NAND is the company’s main technology advantage over opponents, as it is one of the only and the only major name in the triple-level NAND. This is because most other technology companies are stuck using 2-bit MLC. Due to the smaller size of the new model from 22nm to 19nm there is now a greater data density, this then allows for high capacity models such as the 750 GB and the 1TB version. On top of the new hardware within the new technology the brand new drives can have easy software updates including software such as the ‘Samsung Data Migration Tool 2.0’. In addition to making life easy for customers to move their data from one new to another the new series also includes an option for data to be automatically copy media files to another drive for safety of your files. There will be a standard size for the products of 2.5inches with varying capacities of 120GB 250GB 500GB 750GB 1TB, these promising new drives will arrive within a ‘month or so’. The pricing of these products doesn’t look to be cheap with the lowest price being $109.99 and the most expensive being over $600 making these very expensive items indeed. for more information on the new range use our Samsung Telephone Number provided


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