Sainsbury’s News Update: Sainsbury’s Plan Distribution Centre

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Sainsbury’s news update: The UK’s third biggest supermarket has plans in motion for the construction of a centre dedicated to online shopping orders.

As the role of the internet continues to develop and becomes seemingly more and more prominent in day to day life, Sainsbury’s have made the first step towards dedicating their time to online shopping orders. Plans for a distribution centre in the southeast of England are underway so that the company can deliver the most efficient service possible for their online customers.

Sainsbury’s News Update

“Online retailing is one of the fastest growing areas in the grocery industry as shopping habits change and more customers buy their food on the internet.

Sainsbury’s, which currently serves all its online grocery customers from traditional stores, said on Sunday that it would open a so-called dark store within three years. It intends to build the dark store, so named because it is not open to the public and will only fulfil online orders, in Bromley-By-Bow, east London.

Though Britain’s two biggest grocers – Tesco and Wal-Mart’s Asda – largely service online orders by picking up products from existing stores, they have invested in specialist centres in recent years to assist traditional outlets that are unable to keep up with online orders in their areas.

Though the move by Sainsbury’s represents a slight strategic shift, the company’s director of online, digital and cross-channel operations, Jon Rudoe, said that a store-based model will remain the foundation of its online grocery business.

Sainsbury’s online business currently delivers to more than 190,000 customers a week and is growing at a rate of 15 percent a year. It reached annualised sales of 1 billion pounds ($1.59 billion) in September.

Rival Tesco says that annual growth in its British online grocery sales is running at 13 percent.

Sainsbury’s declined to say how much it is investing in the new site but said that the 185,000sq ft facility will eventually create 375 jobs.”

More information on Sainsbury’s and the products and services they offer can be found either at the Sainsbury’s website – www.sainsbury’ or by calling the Sainsbury’s contact number. The customer services department are dedicated to offering the best possible service and therefore whenever you call Sainsbury’s you will be connected straight through to the right department who can offer you all the assistance you need.

Sainsbury’s website is available to be visited 24/7 and you can place a food order for delivery whenever it is most convenient for you, they will endeavour to get it to you at the time you specify.

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