Contact Details for Sainsbury’s

Use the Sainsbury’s contact number to speak with a member of their customer services department, dial 0844 800 2852 for a direct connection to the team.

There are endless reasons for needing to speak with a member of the Sainsbury’s customer services team because they are one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets and serve thousands of customers on a daily basis. The Sainbury’s contact number is available to be called whenever you have an enquiry pertaining to the products available in Sainbury’s stores.

It may be that you have got home and discovered that something you purchased is incorrect or, worst-case-scenario, faulty. It is precisely this kind of situation that demands the customer to call the Sainsbury’s contact number. The customer service assistants who populate the phone lines are willing to assist with any enquiry you might have so call 0844 800 2852 today and see how they can help you.

As a direct dial number the Sainsbury’s contact number will allow you to speak with a member of the customer services department immediately. We do not list numbers that direct the caller through a third party company first, you will just be connected straight through to the department and have your question answered.

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

Sainsbury’s Contact Number 0844 800 2852

Customer Services Contact is dedicated to offering numbers that assist customers with calling the company that they need to without having to spend hours searching through websites or on hold to directory enquiries companies that charge high by the minute rates. The numbers that we list, including the Sainsbury’s contact number, are not always easily located in the public domain but that is why we list them!

You can call the Sainsbury’s contact number whenever it is most convenient for you and you will only ever be charged one price, 7p per minute. This does not change dependent on the time of day or the length of the phone call, it is just one set price.

It is advised that if either of these options are used, the bill payer contacts their service provider before giving their permission to the greater than 18 years old person who wishes to ring the Sainsbury’s contact number.

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