Saga News Update: Penguin and Saga Offer Author Talks On Board

Saga Penguin Collaboration

Saga news update: the travel company have teamed up with publishing company Penguin to offer a new form of entertainment for customers aboard cruise ships.

Penguin, the internationally acclaimed publishing house, have entered into collaboration with the world-renowned travel company for the older generation, in order to offer a new form of entertainment aboard cruise ships. It has been decided that authors and other literary figures will be given a place on cruise ships to conduct talks about their books and experiences.

The idea is part of Penguin’s campaign to pull in more customers and get people interested in reading and literature on the whole. Authors will include Jonathan Coe and Taiye Selasi who will speak about their new – and old – releases but there will also be editors and travel journalists who offer insights into their writing. In addition to this all of the passengers will receive a 25% discount code for the Penguin website.

On Saga’s part, there will be 220 cabins on the Saga Pearl II’s cruise later in November all stocked with iPads which include the Penguin General Titles. All of the iPads will all have Penguin themed wallpaper as well as a Penguin Readers’ Guide to Fiction. The General Titles includes books such as Zadie Smith’s NW so all Saga travellers can be sure to find something to read while travelling the globe by ocean.

Saga News Update

As well as offering these experiences for those travelling with Saga, there is also the collaboration between journalist Bridget McGrouther and Saga. She is travelling the world in 50 days for her 50th birthday celebration and documenting it en route. Her experiences are being published on the Saga website – enticing other 50 year olds to try the same thing perhaps.

Saga offer all-inclusive packages so that those who are part of the older generation and are perhaps less inclined to try new things or have faith in companies even, can find some comfort and have the best experience they can.
McGrouther’s column has also been published in The Telergraph allowing for promotions to be run alongside it. Saga have offered 14 night cruises around the Baltic and this saw 9000 entries and more than 4500 new subscriptions to the Penguin newsletter. Saga have seen a similar influx of interest through their collaborations with the publishing house.

If any of this has caught your interest and you would like to contact Saga with the prospect of taking them up on their offer of taking you away, you can do so by either contacting the Saga customer services department or visiting the Saga website. Both of which detail all of the benefits customers can expect from going away with Saga.

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