RSA News Update: Call Centres Set to Return to UK

RSA Call Centres UK

RSA news update: the insurance company RSA have announced that they will be bringing all of their customer service advisor roles back to the United Kingdom.

In a move that is tipped to create 350 jobs, the insurance company RSA have announced that they will be closing their India based call centres and bringing all customer service positions back to the UK. RSA used to be known as Royal and Sun Alliance and they are the home of the insurance brand More Than.

The cities set to be the location for these call centres are Liverpool, Halifax and Sunderland and the idea is that those employees who were facing the prospect of redundancy will fill the 350 roles set to be produced. While this does not mean that there will be jobs created as such, it does allow for those who were expecting to be made redundant to continue earning.

The reasoning behind this move has been described by the personal lines customer services director John Elliott as a way of ensuring the company moves from offering ‘good’ customer service, the ‘great’ customer service. The call centre staff in India have been acknowledged for their hard work and dedication, Elliott described their penchant for following protocol but says that the company needs the common ground of culture to move forward.

Overseas call centres are a sore topic for many people as there is the constant threat of appearing racist in a world obsessed with political correctness, but RSA have made the move to acknowledge that certain demographics are uncomfortable dealing with the customer service teams overseas, wherever that overseas may be.

RSA News Update

RSA are not the first company to make this move – in 2010 Santander repatriated all of their call centres following a survey that revealed the importance to customers of speaking with someone who they could relate to.

Customer service is one of the most important factors for customers when it comes to dealing with the companies they spend their hard earned money on. On a general basis customers like to feel that their business is appreciated by the company and this is portrayed through service that is tailored to each individual customer.

Read all the latest news stories pertaining to RSA by following the link listed at the end of this article. If you would like to contact the RSA customer services department in light of what is explained in this article, please click here and use the contact information detailed.

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