Royal Mail News Update: Shares Sold at Special Price

Royal Mail news update: in the first week on November, the share dealing service run by Equiniti for shareholders of the Royal Mail will be brought to an end.

At the close of the first couple of weeks of November, the way the shareholder system works at the moment will be brought to an end. At the moment, those shareholders who bought their shares through the official government-run website are able to sell their shares on again in two different ways, at a special price. Provided the minimum price is £7.50, the shares can be sold on for 0.75pc of the share’s value.

“Those who hold their shares through an electronic or “nominee” account can use an automated telephone dealing system; these investors, as well as certificate holders, can also deal by post.

The automated telephone dealing service will be available until 1pm on Friday (November 8), while dealing instructions for the postal service must be received by the close of business on Thursday (November 7).

After these service are withdrawn, shareholders will still be able to deal online and over the phone. Online dealing charges are 1pc with a £17.50 minimum for nominee holders and 1.5pc with a £45 minimum for those with a share certificate. Telephone dealing charges are 1pc with a minimum of £25 (nominee) and 1.5pc with a £50 minimum (certificate).


If you want deal by post you will need to be quick and catch Wednesday’s post. You need to complete a form, downloadable in pdf format here, and send it with the share certificate to Royal Mail Sharedealing, Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA.

The drawback of using this service is that you won’t know the price you will get for your shares – it will depend on how they are trading on the day they are sold.


The automated telephone instruction facility is on 0845 268 8405 or 01133 697777. You cannot sell just some of your shares this way, only your entire holding. Normally you are told the share price at which you are selling before you agree to a sale, but this does not apply to selling using the automated telephone service.

The service is open 24 hours a day, but sale instructions placed this way will be added together and sold at intervals while the market is open, so you may not get the price you expect.”

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