Primus News Update: Primus Welcome Ofcom Move to Make Switching Supplier Easier

Ofcom Primus Broadband Provider

Primus News Update: Primus Welcome Ofcom move to make switching supplier easier to allow all customers the choice of shopping around for their broadband.

It is an area that has been a bone of contention to many, where the time that they have spent shopping around for a new broadband supplier has been fraught with problems and obstacles. This has made a switch difficult and even on some occasion costly if they wanted to leave a contract early.

New Call Telecom is one of the leading telecoms companies that offer value products. They are operating Primus Saver that has experienced steady growth in the sector. They have welcomed the decision that has recently been made by the industry regulator Ofcom, to make it easier for the broadband or phone line customer to shop around and to switch suppliers if a better deal is identified.

Primus under the auspices of New Call Telecom have been active in campaigning for the process of switching suppliers to be made less complicated and speedier. They feel that a lot of the suppliers of telecom services have been slowing down the process when customers say that they want to leave for a better deal with another telecom supplier.

Primus News Update

The Chief Executive of New Call Telecom, Nigel Eastwood was reported to have said that he was delighted to hear the news that customers who wanted to change their suppliers of either telephone or broadband services would find it a lot easier to be able to hook up with better deals. He added that the customer wishing to switch suppliers had very often faced delaying tactics by their supplier when they were trying to leave for a better deal offered by another telecom supplier. Unnecessarily complicated procedures designed to deter the customer from taking their business elsewhere was often a stumbling block.

He said that he felt that the process was very heavily weighted in favour of the original supplier of telecom services and not was not at all favourable or user friendly to the customer trying to change. He said that he was very much in favour of the decision of Ofcom to make life easier for those who did want to change supplier. He hoped that it would lead to a very much less complicated switching process for customers of landlines and broadband who had identified and wanted to witch to a better deal for these services.

More information on Primus can be found at the following link

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