Primus News Update: Primus Offer Incredibly Low Cost Broadband

Primus Saver Broadband

Primus news update: Primus Saver offers some of the cheapest broadband services in the UK, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Are there hidden clauses?

There are dozens and dozens of telecommunications companies in the UK all bustling against each other in the attempt to establish themselves as the most popular or best or cheapest broadband company in the UK. Now, there is one company who offers broadband at £1.20 per month. This is Primus Saver and their popularity is growing at an incredible rate.

The company were established when New Call Telecom Ltd bought out Primus Telecommunications UK Ltd in October 2010. Since then the merged company have been known as Primus Saver and have developed to offer some of the lowest telephone and broadband services for the UK. In a market where competition is as fierce as ever and every company that has any tenuous connection with internet or telephone services has tapped into the idea and offers services themselves, it is amazing that new companies can get their nose in.

Primus News Update

There is nonetheless a very definite presence for Primus in the market as they offer seemingly ridiculously cheap broadband and telephone rental prices. The offer that currently appears on the homepage of their website insists that the offer must end on the last day in October but for those looking to establish themselves with a new contract, this could mean quids-in.

For just £1.20 per month, customers can receive up to 20Gb of data but even that at the moment isn’t accurate as they have a free upgrade offer in place where you can double this monthly allowance by simply quoting a code. There is no false advertising or tricky phraseology that comes along with this offer, just a straightforward £1.20 per month plus the phone line rental which comes in at a low £13.99 as well.

As if this wasn’t enough one more offer sees the company edge ahead of everyone else as they offer customers the chance to reduce their monthly costs even further if they pay for their line rental annually as opposed to monthly. Therefore instead of paying £13.99 per month, they can pay an average of £10 per month and stump up £120 initially. There is no connection fee when the contract is first taken out and the average monthly cost is around £15 or less.

Primus are available to be contacted in order for you to take out this contract whenever it is most convenient for you; visit Alternatively you can call the Primus contact number and speak with a member of the customer services department that way.

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