Primus News Update: 30 More Call Centre Staff Recruited

Burnley Primus Call Centre

Primus news update: New Call Telecom, the parent company to Primus Saver have announced that they will be taking on more staff to deal with client demands.

New Call Telecom who are the parent company to the budget telephone and broadband server company Primus Saver, have announced that they will be adding around 30 more positions to their call centre.

Following the feedback they gathered, Primus moved their call centre from Mumbai in India back to the blustery side of East Lancashire. With the majority of their customers being based in the UK and having English as their first language, it became clear that customers preferred the company to have their call centre based in the UK.

The expansion of the call centre is also rather useful for the community with regards to the recruitment. These 30 positions need filling and in this economic state, any employment is welcomed with open arms in communities.

Nigel Eastwood, chief executive of New Call Telecom, has made it clear that they are dedicated to offering the highest level of service they can and that is why they are expanding their call centre and its staff.

Although the business is still in its early stages, New Call Telecom and Primus have gone from strength and the latter offers one of the most cost-effective services in the UK for telecommunication services.

The call centre – based in Burnley – will see their workforce increase by more than 25% thanks to this recruitment drive. On Saturday 16th November, the company will be holding an open recruitment day; meaning all are welcome to visit in order for Primus to select the best candidates for the positions.

They have reinforced to the public that age is not a qualifying factor when it comes to offering customer service and they will be hoping to recruitment the best of the best, regardless of age. The day will be held between 10am and 5pm at Lindred Road, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, Nelson.

Just six months ago the call centre welcomed 60 new members of staff to take their total to 110 – this drive will hopefully be equally successful and take the services offered by the company to the next level in terms of customer service.

Mr Eastwood reminded the media that New Call Telecom has an army of telecoms professionals who have assisted in the establishment of five brands, including Primus Saver of course. New recruits combined with new accommodation which is likely to follow in light of the recruitment will leave the company making more impressive steps on the progress ladder.

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