Premier Inn News Update: St Andrews Ex-Abattoir Location Agreed

Premier Inn M&S St Andrews

Premier Inn news update: Following 18 months of talks with Fife council, a deal has been struck to turn the ex-abattoir into a location for a Premier Inn.

St Andrews has one of the most famous universities in the world but talks have been circling around an old abattoir and the prospect of turning the landmark into a new location for a Premier Inn and a Marks and Spencer Simply Food outlet. Talks have been carried out between the developer and Fife council since March 2012 and after 18 months they seem to have reached an agreement that keeps all parties happy.

There were concerns voiced over the detraction the project may have on town-centre businesses but since the location already has a small complex of businesses it has been ruled that the addition of a Premier Inn and M&S Simply Food will in fact encourage shopping. There is a gap in the market in the Scottish town for hotel accommodation and with Premier Inn boasting profit boosts and expansion plans, what could be better for the town?

The community have got behind the development and that is half the battle, and now that Fife council are on board work can begin. Alongside the businesses already present there: a funeral directors, an array of shops, an auction house, a garden centre and a car showroom it’s looking like construction will begin in March 2014 with the M&S store likely to be opening later in the year. The Premier Inn development will take slightly longer but ultimately will be opened shortly after the M&S.

Premier Inn News Update

One of the major benefits that will be brought to St Andrews when the M&S and Premier Inn are up and running is the addition of jobs to the area. Not only will there of course be construction jobs up for offer during the building process the two businesses will collectively create a more than 100 jobs and have an annual wage packet of around £1 million.

The buildings have stood derelict for some time now and the progression of this project is allowing for them to stop posing a danger to the community and start helping the area to reach its full potential. Fife council that is no longer a financially fertile area in the state that it’s currently in and industrial businesses would be unable to thrive there.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Premier Inn and their development and expansion plans, contact the Premier Inn customer services department.

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