Premier Inn News Update: Profits Increase and Expansion is Planned

Premier Inn Profits Increase

Premier Inn news update: As profits increase for the first half of 2013, the budget hotel chain have set their sights on increasing their market presence.

Reports from the first half of 2013 have shown the budget hotel chain Premier Inn have increased their profits by an overall 12.2% taking their revenue to £497.4 million. This number is indicative of the overall success of Premier Inn in particular but is a compilation of a host of numbers that show how much the popularity of the budget hotel company has increased over the year.

Whitbread, the hotel chain’s parent company, have reported that their profits which includes hotel and restaurant chains, have also increased by a decent sum: 7.9%. This number takes them to a gross annual profit of £195.7million.
The joy of companies such as Premier Inn is that they are designed to be a convenience for customers. Everything is regulated in terms of the rooms – everything is a standardised colour, size, quality etc so products can be bought in bulk and expenditure can be kept as low as possible.

Premier Inn News Update

In terms of convenience this is also reflected through the company’s data collected from the website. More than 77% of all bookings were made through the website, meaning customers are using the convenient avenue of booking as and when they need to, regardless of the time or their location.

In terms of room revenues, it has been reported that the general occupancy has increased by 1.3% and revenue per room by 2.7%. They now have 53039 rooms across the UK so with a percentage occupancy of 80.3% now, including the increase, it is clear to see why the company have reported such good takings for the first half of 2013.

In light of all of these figures, the company have decided to increase their presence on the market and will be expanding further still. Premier Inn are already considered the biggest budget hotel chain in the UK and now with their sights set on expanding to have 75000 rooms by 2018, if profits keep moving in the same direction it is safe to say that they will be simply concreting their place as the largest company.

Premier Inn are also looking to launch a new brand called Hub at Premier Inn which will be an inner-city compact hotel that offers the same level of service and quality of accommodation without compromising on location in relation to where customers need to be.

More information on the company can be found on the Premier Inn website but you can also contact their customer services department. Click here for all contact information and a direct dial number through.

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