Premier Inn News Update: Premier Inn Best Dad Award

Premier Inn Dad of the Year Award

Premier Inn News Update: Premier Inn Best Dad Award. This year the very special Best Dad Award for 2013 went to Andy Savage a proud father of three from Liverpool.

The award, given by Premier Inn, coincided with the day that Mo Farrah, the Olympic running champion was crowned Celebrity Dad of the Year. And it was no walk over for Andy as he had to fight off competition from many other excellent dads to be crowned Premier Inn’s Best Dad of the Year.

Andy’s nomination for Premier Inn Best Dad Award came from his three children Mariella who is just two, Caitlyn who is four and the oldest child Mia who is nine as well as Andy’s wife Deneil. They thought that Andy deserved the award because of the love and support he offered them all and the tireless work that he did for others in the community. In his home town of Croxteth Andy works with local charities and the council to give local youngsters the chance to have facilities for activities that will keep them off the streets and away from the temptation to indulge in anti social behaviour.

Andy also works alongside the Merseyside Fire Support Network and to give young people the chance to have a say in their community he is also in the process of initiating a local youth council.

From the hundreds of dads whose families nominated them for the prestigious award Andy caught the judges eye because of the amount of work he does in his community and in particular a campaign that he launched to save a local primary school. Our Lady of St. Swithans is the school that the oldest two of Andy’s children attend and working with his MP and the wider community he managed to prevent the closure and is now involved in raising funds so that the school can be refurbished.

Premier Inn News Update

On receiving the award from Premier Inn, Andy said that he was very shocked to find out that he had been nominated. He said that the felt that being a dad was the most important job that he could do and that he would not be able to do it without the help and support of his wife. He was very grateful to Premier Inn for recognising him and the work that he is doing in his community and as a dad to three little girls who are very proud of their award-winning dad. .

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