Poor Customer Service

This highlights the importance of having good customer service. The following article was written by Paige Desmond at the record.com. In summary, a parent buys a bus pass for her daughter to go to school. The problem is however that there are few services running with very limited capacity and regularly do not have enough room for her daughter or dozens of other furious students. The following in an extract from this article:

“I pay for a service, I expect to get the service I’m paying for,” Power said.

Power pays $56 for her daughter to take the bus to school at Forest Heights Collegiate. Ward has been using Grand River Transit to get to school since Grade 7.

Regional Coun. Jim Wideman said Grand River Transit has a protocol in place to deal with routes where passengers are being left behind due to crowded buses — there’s flexibility in the system to meet those demands.

“Leaving people at bus stops is not a part of our operating procedure,” Wideman said. “If it continues to be happening, staff try to have some alternative arrangements to get some transportation there.”

In response to inquiries by The Record about this complaint, Wideman said transit officials observed the stop on Wednesday during the peak afternoon time.

They said they didn’t observe any stranded passengers.

“The bus was full, standing room only, but everybody was picked up,” Wideman said.

According to Grand River Transit statistics, there were 138 complaints on Route 24 between 2006 and 2011.

There were 17 about being left standing at a stop.

Another 32 complaints were about rudeness, 20 about accidents or incidents and 20 about bad driving.

The situation here can be explained by looking at Porter’s 5 Forces model when we look at the switching power of the buyer. As many bus services hold a monopoly on a vast amount of the roots, customers are frequently given the option to either like it or lump it. Customers who do not want to use the service will have to resort to other forms of transport which can frequently be more expensive and less convenient. Given this situation, many companies have no drive to improve the quality of the service as the likelihood of a customer switching is extremely low.

These situations from a consumers perspective are best dealt with through complaints and word of mouth. Soon enough in a close-knit community, word will get around and further action is likely to be taken.

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