Pizza Hut News Update: Pizza Hut Launch 2880 Calorie Feast

3000 calorie pizza cheesburger feast

Pizza Hut News Update: Pizza Hut launch a 2880 calorie feast as the new cheeseburger crust pizza is unveiled with its first appearance in the Middle East.

The new pizza that has almost 3000 calories is said by Pizza Hut to be intended for friends or families to share and not for one person to eat. It seems, however, that calculations that have been done show that if a woman shared the pizza and ate half of it she would be consuming a massive seventy two per cent of her daily calorie allowance.

The calorific pizza was first served to customers at Pizza Hut restaurants in the Middle East and was named the Crown Crust Carnival. The huge pizza features mini burgers topped with mozzarella cheese that are embedded around the crust of the pizza and with any topping is priced at £2.50 more than the price of the traditional deep pan pizza.

A spokesman for the pizza restaurant said that the pizza was only one of the offerings from the Pizza Hut menu. Responding to the criticism of the calorie count for the pizza he reiterated that the treat was supposed to be shared between a group of people, not consumed by one diner and that if the Crown Crust Carnival was eaten in that way the calorie count per slice was 288.

He went on to say that Pizza Hut had built its reputation on its innovation especially in the area of crusts for pizzas and that the Crown Crust Carnival was just the latest offering in the innovative process that Pizza Hut are famous for. They also deliver to homes around the area in which they operate and have supplied a tasty meal for many who have chosen to order pizza for a night in.

He emphasised that the menu that was offered by the pizza restaurant offered the customer a very wide choice of dishes including pizza, salad and pasta. The they company pride themselves on the fresh high quality food that it produced that customers could enjoy as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Pizza Hut News Update

The debate about fast food and the high calorie high fat foods that are offered by some fast food outlets will doubtless continue although it is true that the choice of whether to pick a salad to eat, some pasta of the whopping Crown Crust Carnival largely rests with the person placing their order.

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