Pets at Home News Update: ASA Investigate Pets at Home Over Flea Advert

Flea Fighting Adverts

Pets at Home news update: the chain of pet supply stores have been targeted by the Advertising Standards Agency but the charges have not been upheld.

Following complaints from a number of veterinary sources, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) investigated the claims made against the pet supply store Pets at Home with regards to their new advert for flea medication and advice. Pets at Home’s new advert explains the vast number of employees they have on hand to offer advice on getting your pets flea-free.

The chain of stores stock everything any normal domestic pet could want and that of course includes flea medication. The time of year that we are now approaching is set to be rife for fleas and your favourite pet – and your home if you’re not careful – could find themselves at risk of becoming infested. Pets at Home have acknowledged this and have launched their new advert with a heavy emphasis on getting to Pets at Home for your flea-repelling needs.

The ASA heard complaints from veterinary clinics who claimed that the advert suggested that the team of Pets at Home employees were qualified to offer advice that ultimately reached the point of writing prescriptions for those pets who need it. This is of course not the case and it would be wrong to mislead potential customers and leave them thinking they are able to receive free veterinary advice from the store.

Pets at Home News Update

Pets at Home were investigated by the ASA and it was decided that after researching the claims made in the adverts – there were two adverts that differed slightly, one broadcast on television the other on the Pets at Home website – decided that it was acceptable advertising. There are rules and regulations that have to be followed by anyone wishing to advertise and the ASA are responsible for keeping companies in line with these guidelines.

They have ultimately decided that there is nothing misleading about the information portrayed on the adverts; Pets at Home do stock a wide range of flea-fighting products and they are able to offer advice on the best route to take when it comes to removing fleas from your pets. The company have reassured everyone that customers will be directed towards a veterinary clinic in the rare instance that the pet cannot be treated with over-the-counter medication.

Contact Pets at Home for more information on the location of their stores or for advice on anything pet related. All of the relevant contact information can be found at the following link

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