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Pearson news update: The educational book seller has found itself on the wrong end of copyright laws as they are accused of illegally printing photographs.

It has come to light that one of the largest educational publication groups in the world are coming under fire in the United States of America for publishing photographs without the permission of the photographers.

There are strict copyright laws that surround any sort of journalism but in particular photographs, some come under the ‘common usage’ laws and it is possible to search for only those pictures on the internet. If a company as large as Pearson have failed to follow through with these rules the implications could be massive.

Pearson News Update

“A federal judge has ruled that Pearson Education must face claims it printed and distributed thousands of photos in textbooks without permission.

Minden Pictures Inc (MPI) is bringing five lawsuits against Pearson in New Jersey, US, for globally distributing photos by 12 photographers it didn’t possess the correct copyright approval for.

The publisher is accused of obtaining limited licenses to print copyrighted photographs in the US, but distributing them in textbooks globally via its international rights management group.

The publisher moved to dismiss the claim, but US District Judge Faith Hochberg has refused to dismiss it, according to the Court House News Service in the US.

In a separate case against Pearson in San Francisco, a judge ruled that Minden lacked standing under the Copyright Act. However, Minden is appealing the San Francisco case.

The fact that Minden lost in San Francisco does not preclude the photo firm from bringing suit in New Jersey, Judge Hochberg ruled. He said: ‘…The photographers can freely sell or transfer their copyrights, and any subsequent buyer should be able to exercise those preserved causes of action as if they were the original copyright owner.’”

With the incident occurring at a time when print publications are becoming scarcer by the minute, the impact could be even greater. Everything, particularly books, are being increasingly published in digital format to allow for a greater ease of access. Having everything in a digital format means there is greater flexibility for the transport of such items – no longer do we have to make decision about which book to take on holiday with us because we can take them all!

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