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For all of your educational book needs, call the Pearson contact number on 0844 561 7634 and a customer service advisor will provide necessary assistance.

The demand for books such as these is extremely high and therefore the Pearson customer service line is often quite busy and alternative forms of correspondence are offered on the Pearson website so that customers can avoid spending hours on hold on the phone to the Pearson contact number. This does not mean the level of service Pearson offer is compromised at all it is simply a way for their customers to seek assistance without calling the Pearson contact number listed here.

Visiting the Pearson website will present you with a host of options including emailing Pearson or entering into a live-chat conversation with a customer service advisor. These forms of communication allow you to include as much detail as you would if you had called the Pearson contact number but without having to incur the costs of a premium rate telephone number. There is also the option to simply read the answers to the frequently asked questions. This advice is provided in light of the regularity with which these questions are asked – by providing generic information Pearson can reserve the lines which the Pearson contact number is connected to for questions that are more complicated.

All of the numbers listed on our website, including the Pearson contact number are charged at the same basic rate so there is no cost reason not to call 0844 561 7634Pearson Contact Number 0844 561 7634

The Pearson contact number is available to be called seven days a week so there are no restrictions on the caller and their work schedules, the customer services department are always ready and available for whatever enquiry you might have.

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