Panasonic News Update: Panasonic Will Stop Selling Smart Phones In Japan

Japan Smart Phones Stop

Panasonic News Update: Panasonic will stop selling smart phones in Japan. The technology giant announced that they would pull out of their home market.

The Japanese electronics company have said that they will no longer be selling smartphones to consumers in the their home market. It also announced that it would be shifting production of the mobile phones to outsourcing and that they will continue to sell to consumers in India and in other countries. The news did not come as a surprise as the largest mobile phone network in Japan had already announced that it would no longer be promoting the devices made by the firm. This is another departure of a big handset manufacturer in Japan.

Panasonic do not intend to abandon the mobile phone market altogether however and have said that they will be promoting and concentrating on the marketing of phones that are made by Samsung and Sony as their future contribution to the handset market in Japan.

The decision has come in advance of the expected announcement that the mobile division of its operation will shortly be reported to have made another loss. The loss was likely to be in the region of over one billion yen, (seven million pounds), the firm’s president Kazuhiro Tsuga told Reuters, adding that this would shortly be common knowledge as the figures that covered the financial year that ended in March were reported. The total loss for the previous year had been over eight billion yen. Panasonic are the second Japanese technology giant to pull out of the mobile technology market after their rivals NEC announced the closure of its smartphone unit in July. This is a very different representation than the picture in 2001 which saw both Panasonic and NEC at the top of the best selling lists with their mobile phone handsets.

Panasonic News Update

In the fast changing world of technology and in the quixotic mobile phone market it is a smart company that knows when to pull out of the smart phone market. Panasonic has been a household name for many decades and there is no doubt that it will continue to offer us cutting edge advances across all the products that it offers. There will be few homes in the UK that do not have or have not at one time had one of Panasonics products whether it be a TV or another piece of cutting edge home entertainment equipment.

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