Ovo News Update: Who Pays the Most and the Least for Energy?

Ovo's List of Energy Suppliers

Ovo news update: We all know that keeping the house warm and ourselves toasty does not come cheap and Ovo have put together a list of the cheapest and the most expensive.

If you are looking for the cheapest place to fire up all your energy-using devices then head for Bahrain. The price of petrol is just seventeen pence per litre in the oil rich nation and utilities area correspondingly cheap. In Canada the price of energy is roughly just one-third of what it is in the UK. In China the use of coal, while it is disastrous for the environment, does produce cheap energy.

One of the ways that people have found to reduce their energy bills is with the use of a wind turbine. Islanders in the Orkney region of Westray managed to get their bills down an amazing ninety per cent after they all clubbed together to buy a wind turbine for the community, while in Estonia they enjoy the cheapest prices in the EU. Electricity there costs about half what it costs in the UK.

The government in Scotland are taking steps to reduce the cost of energy where and to do this the cost of green taxes are set to be halved due to the plans that the government are working on to reduce the cost of electricity for Scottish consumers.

Ovo News Update

If you thought the price of petrol was low in the Middle East and you want to have the chance to drive to your hearts content, then head for Venezuela where petrol costs only seven pence per litre.

On the opposite side of the coin is Australia where the price of energy is much higher than that of the UK. This is due to the relatively low generating capacity in that country. In Cyprus energy costs have gone through the roof with a rise of £60 making it the biggest increase in the EU. Denmark is another hot spot for energy prices with the cost of heating and lighting a home about double of that in the UK while in Norway petrol is one pound eighty pence a litre with Turkey not far behind at one pound seventy seven a litre. The Scilly Isles also have a rough deal having to fork out an extra twenty-five pence per litre for their fuel.

Energy costs are generally higher in the North of the UK than the South due to the distance that the fuel has to travel and technical costs.

Use the Ovo contact number for detailed information on the prices they offer their services at.

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