Orange News Update: Mobile to Mobile Transfers In Africa

Orange's Mobile to Mobile Transfers For Africa

Orange News Update

Orange News Update: Orange are the first company to launch mobile to mobile money transfers in Africa, therefore providing a secure and efficient service.

Orange are a leading mobile network provider within the UK and Europe who provide a variety of services for their consumers. However, they are currently the first to venture into the African mobile market in terms of a new service. Their new scheme allows users to transfer money from one mobile phone to another. This is the first mobile to mobile money transfer system within Africa. The service will be available in Côte d’lvoire, Mali and Senegal where currently millions of euros are transferred between the countries every year. Orange are therefore providing a more efficient, secure and productive way of transferring money that is more accessible for consumers.

The Orange service is called the Orange Money Transfer International and the system operates on the consumer entering a code and then the mobile number of the mobile telephone they want to transfer the money to, as well as the total amount, into their own mobile phone. This money will then be able to be used by the receiver and withdrawn from any Orange Money Distributer Point that are widely accessible within the three countries that the service is operating in.

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It has many advantages, one being that the Orange money transfer service doesn’t require a credit or debit card, leading to a more secure and reliable service that allows quick money transfers. It will also be more productive due to the elimination of cards potentially breaking, becoming scratched or lost, resulting in money not being able to be transferred. This is something that can have a heavily negative effect on a business or individuals’ personal finances. It is believed that this is the future in terms of easy money transfers, that do not require a third party in the transfer process.

It is free to open an Orange money account and the individual does not need to be an Orange customer to do so either. The company aims to make the life of the Orange consumer easier and much simpler with this service, eliminating any unnecessary elements in the money transferring service. In the future, Orange want the service to be widely available within Western Africa in thirteen countries and to represent over six million customers. They are excited to provide the citizens of Africa the ability to transfer money through their mobile phones. This will also help the future development of Western Africa and its role within the financial and trading world.

For more information on Orange and the products and tariffs they have to offer worldwide, visit their official website by clicking here.

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