Orange News Update: Blackberry Launch Third New Phone

Blackberry Q5 release

Orange News Update: After almost a year away from the market, Blackberry have launched a third new phone in six months. A middle sibling to the Z10 and Q10.

Having not released a new model for a fair amount of time due to struggling business, Blackberry have released three new phones within six months. The Blackberry 10 range have burst onto the scene with a brand new look and operating system. The first of these, the Z10 was released in the UK on 31st January 2013 and offered customers an entirely touchscreen option, the first of its kind from Blackberry. This was closely followed a few months later by the Blackberry Q10 – a phone that combined the innovative Blackberry 10 operating system, touchscreen technology and a QWERTY keyboard. Both of these have been offered predominantly on mobile phone service providers O2, Orange, Tmobile and Vodafone UK but it has now come to light that the newest phone in this series, the Q5 is being released early by Orange and Tmobile.

The Blackberry Q5 is a happy medium between the Z10 and Q10 – offering the same level of quality, the Blackberry 10 operating system, a QWERTY keyboard in addition to the 3.1 inch touchscreen but with a smaller amount of data and offered on lower tariffs. The storage limits are unrestricted with the internal storage sitting at 8GB with the ability to expand that to 32GB but with the microSD capabilities this is almost limitless.

The Q5 was due for release in mid-July but has been leaked and is on offer from Orange and Tmobile with a view to getting delivery on July 1st. Orange and Tmobile are quite clearly looking to beat out the competition before the game has really started – they are offering the handset for free to the first 5000 people who order it. Waiving the £49 upfront cost of the phone means that the brand new phone can be got for £26 per month on 24 month contract. This offer includes 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB of data. With Orange and Tmobile working together these days to form new company EE (Everything Everywhere) they are spending less time in contention with each other, but that hasn’t stopped Tmobile from offering and arguably better deal. Their £26p/m tariff offers customers the free Q5 handset, 300 minutes, 500 texts and 1MB of data each month. EE will also offer the handset on 4G but the much anticipated network has proven to be somewhat under whelming at the moment. Undercutting its older siblings, the Q5 basic handset will be offered SIM-free for £349.98.

For more information on the Q5 and the tariffs offered by these service providers contact the customer services departments: for both sets of contact details, Click Here.


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