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O2 service ‘Be More Dog’

O2 have recently launched a multi million pound advertising campaign encouraging people to ‘Be More Dog’. The advert uses the nations love of animals especially dogs and cats to show a more fun and relaxed side to the company a head of the launch of their 4G service. The advert ‘Be More Dog’ is aiming to produce a more ‘playful’ attitude towards O2’s staff, services and customers. The campaign is promoting a more fun filled life and tries to show off the possibilities of life. This has been done to build up the launch of the O2 4G network which is being opened for customer use sometime later in the year. The campaign is to persuade the UK population to be more adventurous and to embrace new ideas and inventions presented to them. This will allow for the O2 customers to use the latest technological advances in their everyday life. With the 4G launch approaching it is the perfect time to be launching a campaign as it will hopefully have been an effective advert and have the nation prepared to ‘Be More Dog’.


O2 4G Update

Earlier in the year 3 released an advert tapping into the nation’s silly side to spark conversation, however according to results 3’s attempt was not as successful as hoped. O2 plan to build on the mistakes 3 made to their advert can be as effective as possible. In some areas this has already been done by introducing a game that can be used between your Smartphone and computer where you throw a Frisbee for the cat. These small added feature O2 hope should make a difference and make their campaign worth their while. In preparations for the 4G release O2 have had to increase their backhaul to make sure speed and customer satisfaction can be as high as possible. To achieve this O2 have had to pair up with 4G rivals Virgin Media. O2 is going to link its base stations to the Virgin Media Business’ superfast fibre network threw high speed Ethernet which guarantees 1GBps download connections between mobiles networks and the cell sites. Telefonica both O2’s and Virgin Media’s parents company signed the deal joining the two co-operations together for a minimum of ten years, though the cost of such a deal has not been released. The deal was signed due to the increased demand in mobile data within both companies within the past 5 years. Virgin now claim to have contracts with all major UK telephone companies to help with their backhaul needs. If you wwant more information on O2 use their customer service helpline: http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/o2-customer-services/

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