O2 News Update: SlideShare

O2 News Update

O2 news update: O2 on the 14th August 2013 released a new social media channel, intended for business purposes, known as SlideShare.

O2 News Update

When working a bit of background knowledge before you start, or some helpful input during your project is always appreciated and often helps massively. Perhaps you feel as though a guide would be perfect to help you with your task. Maybe an external opinion to provide inspiration. Well O2 have recently released the new business SlideShare channel. SlideShare guarantees to be a social site with the ability to interact with other people and upload and share slides. The site is for grouping together simple, helpful tips and tricks to benefit others within a working capacity. At frequent intervals there will be uploads and updates on a range of topics covering everything you will need for your business life; from flexible working to communications. However the site promises to steer clear of huge 40 slide presentations on one sole topic. The idea is to produce simple, easy to read and digestible information, which can be used at your discretion within your business project. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing difficulties which are proving tricky to over come or if you are struggling to put together a speech, no matter what problems you face the O2 business SlideShare channel will be able to aid you with your problems.

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On the SlideShare websites there are large quantities of small pieces of knowledge on how to overcome problems, offer opinions or provide inspiration. If you have a query, constructive criticism or simply want to leave feedback there is a comment section below each presentation for you to use. The layout of each slide is very easy to process. For example in the Flexible working slide show the information is kept to a minimum. Only small amounts of information are used, however the major pieces of information such as figures are in bold and in another colour so you can still learn from each slide you visit. Also on each slide there are images which produce a friendly relaxed environment for the user to benefit them mentally if under a lot of stress or pressure. Another feature which allows easy use of the slide shows is the ability to choose when to move the slide forward and have the power to go back and read a slide again if the user didn’t fully comprehend the slide the first time. This new site provided by O2 promises to be very helpful in the future.

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